I feel... weird. I just got back home after spending a month in Valencia, Spain. People don't speak Spanish in the streets anymore. The weather isn't as warm as it was there. Where's the metro? Where can I eat cheap (but oh so good) tapas? I feel weird and I don't think it's sadness. I left Spain with the biggest smile on my face and memories that will last a lifetime. I'm truly happy and grateful I got to live in a different country, experience a new culture, meet new people and speak a foreign language.

So what is it then if it's not sadness? Emptiness? I was only away for a month, so it's not like I went traveling for a whole year, but I still get that weird feeling inside. And now that I think about it, that's not the first time I've felt like this. It happened every time when I returned home after my short trips to England too.

When I travel, it's like I have pressed the pause button on my life. Like a dream. I'm in another dimension, a place I've never been before, far away from my routine. I'm so excited, exploring the city, trying new foods and activities. Not everything goes as planned, but everything is perfect.

Going back home after a trip, it's almost like waking up from a great dream. So today, I guess I woke up. It's time to go back to the routine. Until my next trip... 

I've left my heart in Valencia, I've left my heart in every place I've been, and I'll probably leave my heart in every place I'll go next. And I am so ready for my next adventure.

Do you ever feel that way when you go back home after a trip?