Valencia is divided up into 19 districts, and each one is divided up into several little neighbourhoods. Ciutat Vella, the Old Town, is the cultural, historical and political centre of Valencia. It's one of the most popular areas due to the large number of iconic monuments, museums and cafes. That's also where a lot of people go to spend a lovely night out, especially in the neighbourhood of El Carmen. Take the time to get lost and wander around the narrow streets and alleys in Ciutat Vella because it's definitely one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in the city!

Here are the top things to visit in Ciutat Vella:

La Lonja de la Seda

La Lonja de la Seda, in English The Silk Exchange, is a monument where merchants used to meet to negotiate prices and trade silk in the sixteenth century. The building has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1996. It contains several rooms, including the huge Contract Hall with its impressive columns. Entrance is 2€ and free on Sundays!

Torres de Quart

This is definitely the place I liked most in this neighbourhood. For only 2€, you can climb to the top of the towers and see Valencia from above. The view is so beautiful! You will need about 15-20 minutes to visit this building.

El Mercado Central

The Central Market is so worth visiting. That's where the locals go to buy all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. It is opened every day between 7am and 3pm except on Sundays (don't make the same mistake I did, because I didn't check the opening hours and went there at 4pm... it was closed and I had to come back the next day!) And the architecture of the building is impressive, with its domes and stained glass windows. A must see when you visit Valencia.

Torres de Serranos

Just like the Quart Towers, you can climb to the top of these ones and enjoy another view of the city from above. For those afraid of heights, be careful as you can quickly feel a bit dizzy!

Valencia Institute of Modern Art (IVAM)

For the art lovers, the Valencian Institute of Modern Art exhibits different collections of artworks in its galleries. Sculptures, paintings, pictures, videos... and they also offer activities such as seminars and workshops. Check their website here to see the upcoming exhibitions.

Casa-Museo Benlliure

In this museum, you can visit the house where the famous Valencian painter José Benlliure and his family lived. It provides a great example of an upper-class home in the 1800s and early 1900s. You can also discover more than 150 of the painter's artwork. After visiting the inside of the house, go into the romantic garden. Don't miss it, it's absolutely stunning! And it will only cost you 2€ to visit this place.

Valencia Museum of the Enlightenment and Modernity (MuVIM)

This museum focuses on the history of the media and seeks to explain the ideas and lifestyles from Medieval times through today. It hosts the permanent exhibition The Adventure of Thought, which helps you understand the evolution of thought through the last 5 centuries. It hosts temporary exhibitions throughout the year as well.

Almoina Archaeological Center

It used to be an archeological dig but once the archaeologists finished their research, Valencia converted it into a museum. It's fascinating! You are underground walking over glass plates and you can see the remains of the different civilizations that have lived in the city. There are also lots of animated videos that give you more information on the ruins.  

Where to eat and drink

La Casa Blanca - a bar that has multiple levels and comfy couches by the windows. Try the strawberry mojitos.
Paseo de Ruzafa, 10, 46002 Valencia

Babalu - it's a restaurant and a bar. The people who work there are probably the loveliest people I met in Valencia! My friends and I went there all. the. time. It's just so good!
Calle Cerrajeros, 17, 46001 Valencia

La Rollerie - super cute restaurant. The waiters are really nice and the food is great. Some vegetarian options are available.
Convento de Santa Clara, 7, 46002 Valencia

Crêperie Montmartre - the best crêpes and waffles in Valencia!
Carrer de Sant Vicent Màrtir, 9, 46002 Valencia

Have you ever visited these places? I'd love to know which one is your favourite!