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People who know me know I love foreign languages. I love them so much that I'm learning three at university! I think it's such an effective way to truly learn about another culture. And one of the perks of speaking multiple languages is that you can communicate better when travelling, but also connect with locals - I love being able to understand and speak to them in their mother tongue.

I have been following the Instagram account FrenchWords for a while, and it inspired me to write this post. I would recommend following them to anyone wanting to learn French vocabulary. They post new French words daily, sometimes idioms too, and that's when I realised that some of the things we say are hilarious! (For those who didn't know, oui oui I'm French) Because when speaking in your first language, everything just comes naturally and you don't really think twice about weird expressions you say.

I had so much fun translating these ones - I purposely didn't write any old idioms, even though some of them were equally as funny, simply because French people don't use them anymore. Instead, I decided to share some that I actually use on a daily basis.

So here are the funniest French idioms and expressions translated into English that you should be using just because they are THAT funny:

It costs the skin of the ass

Meaning: It's expensive.
In French: Ça coûte la peau du cul.

Sometimes we also use "it costs an arm" (ça coûte un bras).

To put one's finger in one's eye

Meaning: To be entirely mistaken.
In French: Se mettre le doigt dans l'oeil.

To fall in the apples

Meaning: To faint.
In French: Tomber dans les pommes.

To break sugar cubes on someone's back

Meaning: To talk about someone behind their back.
In French: Casser du sucre sur le dos de quelqu'un.

Strike of lightning

Meaning: Love at first sight.
In French: Coup de foudre.

To put a rabbit on somebody

Meaning: To stand somebody up.
In French: Poser un lapin à quelqu'un.

To give your tongue to the cat

Meaning: To give up (when guessing an answer).
In French: Donner sa langue au chat.

It's pulled by the hair

Meaning: It's far-fetched.
In French: C'est tiré par les cheveux.

Wet chicken

Meaning: Coward.
In French: Poule mouillée.

To look for the little beast

Meaning: To look for something to complain about.
In French: Chercher la petite bête.

To drink like a hole

Meaning: To drink a lot (of alcohol).
In French: Boire comme un trou.

I guess they were drinking like a hole when they came up with this one...

To do a cold of duck

Meaning: To be very cold.
In French: Faire un froid de canard.

It will happen on the 36th of the month

Meaning: It will never happen.
In French: Ça arrivera le 36 du mois.

To make a cheese out of it

Meaning: To make a big deal out of something.
In French: En faire tout un fromage.

To have a bowl full of it 

Meaning: To be fed up with something.
In French: En avoir ras le bol.

To be as tall as three apples

Meaning: To be very little.
In French: Être haut comme trois pommes.

To make a nervous poop

Meaning: To make a scene/to loose your temper.
In French: Faire un caca nerveux.

Take care of your onions

Meaning: Mind your own business.
In French: Occupe-toi de tes oignons.

Which one made you laugh the most?