Valencia, situated in the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline, is home to some of the most beautiful parks. Wherever you are in the city, you will always stumble upon some beautiful green areas. During my month there, I made it my mission to visit as many parks and gardens as I could. So here are the prettiest ones you absolutely have to visit on your trip to Valencia:

Botanical Garden (el Jardín Botánico

The Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia was created back in the 16th century with the aim of growing medicinal herbs and plants. Today, this is where you will find more than thousands of stunning plants from all around the world: from cactus to palm trees, to aquatic plants, orchids, Bamboo from Asia, many colourful flowers and more!

Entrance fee: 2.50€ (1.50€ for students)


You will find the Umbracle in the City of Arts and Science (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias). It's a small sculpture garden full of palm trees and flowers that turns into an open-air night club at night.

Free during the day / There might be an entrance fee at night

José Benlliure House-Museum (Casa-Museo José Benlliure)

This House-Museum is located in the beautiful Ciutat Vella neighbourhood (read: Valencia Neighbourhoods: Guide to Ciutat Vella). There, you can discover the painter's artwork in what used to be his family house, and once you finished visiting the different rooms, go into the garden - it's absolutely beautiful!

2€ (1€ for students)

Turia Gardens (Jardines del Turia)

The Turia Gardens are nine kilometers long (5.5 miles) and run through the entire city from the City of Arts and Science to the Bioparc - it's the perfect place to go for walks, runs, or bike rides because the view is just stunning. You will see so many different trees and flowers, ponds, fountains, rollerskating areas, a playground shaped like Gulliver... I find it so cool that there's a large green area in the middle of the city!


Turia Gardens - Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
In front of the Palau de la Musica
Lost somewhere in the Turia Gardens
Lost again...

Monforte Garden (Jardín de Monforte)

I saved the best for last. The Monforte Garden is my favourite park and probably the most beautiful one in Valencia. It's hidden inside of high walls - it's actually hidden so well that it took me 10 minutes to find the entrance, but it was so worth it. Inside, there are lots of fountains, statues, small ponds, orange trees, roses... It's such an elegant and romantic park in the city and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


If you ever visited Valencia and its parks, which one was your favourite?