I went to Zadar, Croatia for a few days back in October. I had two full days there, but this city is so small that I had seen everything on the first day. So in the evening, I went down to the sea and saw a guy from a travel agency who was selling tickets for a boat excursion the next day. Perfect, I thought! We started talking, he told me what was included in the price (I paid 380 Kunas which is around 50€, breakfast and lunch were included as well as the entrance to the Kornati National Park and a visit to two islands). He then showed me some pictures of the islands and...

Boat. Islands. National Park. Clear sea. I'm in!

Sailing though the Kornati Islands

At 9am, we left Zadar and sailed through some islands until we arrived to the Kornati National Park. This park is an archipelago that consists of 140 uninhabited rocky islands. We didn't stop there, we just sailed through the islands and saw them from afar - and that didn't bother me to be honest, because even if I was dying to go explore and climb those islands, I would have hated to destroy this beautiful untouched nature. Better to keep it that way.

Early in the morning...

Firt stop: the uninhabited island of Lavdara

We arrived in Lavdara at about 12. We had an hour and a half free to explore the island. On one side there was an area with sand - just like a small private beach - with crystal clear water, and some people who were with me on the boat even went swimming despite the cloudy weather! And on the other side of the island, there were rocks surrounded by greenery. This place was so peaceful - no people, no noise, nothing. Standing at the top of the island, trying to take it all in while looking at the horizon was so relaxing...

Then we went back on the boat, ate lunch and we were on our way to an another island.

Ah the struggle of travelling solo... Waited for everyone to leave so I could take a selfie

Sali, a charming small island

Second stop: Sali. When I got out of the boat to explore this island, the funniest thing happened. A local ran up to me asking to take a picture with me because he, I quote, "loves tourists" and I was the last person to visit his home before next year as it was the end of the summer season. What a way to start the visit!

Sali is such a beautiful island where less than 2,000 people live. It's so hard to imagine that people actually live there, so far away from everything and everyone.

First thing I noticed when I arrived were the pastel coloured houses that surrounded the small port and boats. I mean look at them, how pretty are they! This island almost doesn't feel real. I explored around until I met an old lady who was feeding her cats. I sat down next to her and even though she didn't speak any English, she was trying her best to say some words and it was so cute. "She's mama", she said while pointing at one of her cats. The locals on this island were definitely super welcoming and lovely.

Back to Zadar

At around 6pm, the boat arrived back in Zadar. If you ever want to visit Zadar, I would say stay there for a couple of days maximum, but be sure to plan something to do on your second day as you'll see everything in Zadar in a few hours! This excursion is such a great day trip from the city, and I'm so glad I decided to go island-hopping - it was my first time doing this too! I'm a city girl but sometimes it's so nice to see something different than big cities.

Have you ever been island-hopping?