Home. Home for me is where I grew up. A small village on the French Riviera where I have lived for the past 20 years... For all my life.

I love it here. I love the warm weather we have in the summer, the fact that the sea is just 10 minutes away from my house, my family and friends with who I shared and continue sharing amazing memories with, the beautiful cities and towns in the area... It's hard to explain but it's home. It's comfortable. It's safe.

But a couple of months ago, I invited a friend from overseas to come to my place to experience the French way of life and explore some parts of Southern France. I took him to the best places in the area and he was just in awe with the beauty of the places I showed him. Of my home. 

And it made me realise how beautiful my home really was. Not that I didn't know it before, but seeing a place you're used to seeing every day through the eyes of someone else is just eye-opening (see what I did there) and refreshing. 

It makes you realise how lucky you are to live here. Even if it's not the best place in the world, it's still different from others and it's what makes it unique.

When you've been living in a place for so long, it's so easy to get used to your surroundings and forget how beautiful they are. And it's completely normal, everyone does it! But once in a while, take the time to really look around and be aware of the moment. 

Someone once said: "you never realise how good something is until it's gone" and it hit me - I realised not long ago that this was probably my last year (maybe months) here at home on the French Riviera as I'm about to graduate with my Bachelor's degree. So during those last months I'm going to truly enjoy the last moments I have left here, I'm going to explore my surroundings and places I've never been to before so I don't have any regrets later.

And I'm never going to take home for granted again.

Where is home to you? Did you ever feel like you've taken your home for granted too?