Everyone who runs a blog knows that it takes a lot of time. Blogging isn't just quickly writing what comes to your mind and hitting publish. It's brainstorming ideas, doing some research, writing posts, editing them, taking pictures, editing them too, scheduling posts, promoting them on social media, managing all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin', Snapchat - there are so many platforms these days I can't keep track anymore!), write a newsletter, respond to emails and so on... And it gets even more difficult to run a blog when you're a student. You have to balance your free time between studying and blogging, and sometimes a part-time job too! And it can be tricky.

But blogging as a student, while still having a social life, is possible. And the secret to that is planning.


I've only started blogging 8 months ago so I'm in no way an expert on the subject but when it comes to staying organised, I'm a pro. I'm such an organised freak. I like everything to be in order. I have post-its everywhere, I like making lists of things I have to do and I colour-code everything. All my blog posts are scheduled at least a month in advance (at the time I'm writing this, I scheduled two months worth of posts in advance). Knowing how to stay organised is so important when you have to juggle between blogging and school.

So here are my top tips on how to manage a blog as a student: 

#1 School should be your number one priority

First, attend your classes. It might sound like a simple advice but it's so important. If you go to class and actually listen to what your teacher says, most of the work is already done. Once you get home, it's going to be much easier and much quicker to do your homework or study for your next test since you've already understood most of the lesson in class. Which means, more time for blogging!

I also try to stick by a rule: when I'm at university, I focus on university work only. I don't think about blog-related things. I don't check my emails nor my blog stats, I don't write posts nor edit them either. If I have five minutes maybe I'll post a quick tweet or scroll through Instagram but that's it. Sometimes I have free time between two classes and I don't use this time to do blogging stuff, instead I do my homework and study. Which means, again, more time for blogging once you're home and less school work to do! 

#2 Make a schedule for your blog and stick to it

How many times do you want to post per week? Set a reasonable goal and remember: quality over quantity. I once tried posting twice a week but it didn't work out for me and I put way too much pressure on myself.

If you feel like you can post twice, three times or even more per week, then do it! You just have to find what works best for you.

Once you've decided on how many times you want to post per week, it's time to choose the days you'll hit publish. Some people prefer posting whenever they feel like it - and if you're one of those people, there's nothing wrong with that - but if you're a student, you need to be extra organised. That way, you'll know exactly when you have to get posts up.

For example, here's how a typical blogging week looks like for me: I publish a new post every Sunday. So from Monday to Friday, I brainstorm ideas for new posts, manage my social media accounts, edit pictures - all the little things. And then on the weekends, that's when I write my posts. On Saturday, I read one last time the post that is going to go up the next day to make sure it's perfect, and then I write one or two new posts.

#3 Use calendars & apps to stay organised

I use Google Calendar for everything blog related. That's where I note important deadlines, schedule posts and set up reminders. I love it because if I ever change my mind on a publish date of a post, I can just drag an "event" to change the date instead of editing it. 

I also use Trello to brainstorm and store all of my blog post ideas. That way, I have them all in one place. It's an amazing website where you create boards, lists and cards to stay organised - I would be so lost without it. For example I have a list where I write all my travel post ideas and another one for all my other ideas that don't fit in the travel category (just like this post you're reading right now!) So when it's time for me to write a post, I go on Trello, pick one of my ideas and start writing. I also have a list named "Done" and "Published" where I put all the posts I finished writing and published already, so they don't get mixed up with posts I haven't written yet.

#4 Use all the time you can get

So I mentioned that I'm an organised freak... Well, that also means I always arrive early everywhere. For example I live close to my university (about 10 minutes away) so I could get there at the last minute but I always get there 30 minutes before a class starts. So I usually just sit in my car and use this extra time to respond to comments, brainstorm blog post ideas (I find that I get so many ideas in the morning), engage with people on Instagram and Twitter, promote posts etc... All the little things that are part of blogging - so once I get home I can write posts or do my homework!

So you might not arrive early at school like me, but I'm sure you have some time here and there that you can use for your blog. So use it as much as you can. Stop watching videos on Youtube for two hours (I'm guilty of this), stop scrolling through Facebook and watching all the cute dog videos, and no you don't need to watch 5 episodes of your favourite TV show that you've watched 3 times already. 

#5 Keep it fun!

Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Yes, blogging is hard work, but it's fun! And don't forget to find time for yourself too. If you happen to feel a bit down or uninspired then take some time off of blogging and read, listen to music, take a bath, go outside, meet up with some friends - don't stress out too much.

I said before that I usually write my posts on the weekends, but to be honest some weekends I just don't feel like it. And that's okay! It happens and there's no need to feel bad about it. I'll just take some time to focus on myself, and I know that next week I'll be feeling so inspired and I'll write then.
"Don't call it a dream, call it a plan."

Do you have any other tips? I'd love to know how you guys stay organised with your blog!