A few months ago I discovered meditation. After watching videos and reading articles about it, I decided to give it a go. I downloaded an app on my phone, listened to a guided meditation and in a few days I was already feeling calmer and relaxed. 

Thanks to meditation, I put my fear aside and went on my first ever solo trip... and more importantly I had so much fun on this trip. If you knew the me from a few years ago, I'd have never done this.

I've been feeling so much happier with just a few meditation sessions here and there and I wasn't even meditating daily. So I thought, can you imagine if I meditated every single day?

So I tried to meditate every day. But then, life got busy. And one day I forgot to meditate. And the next day as well. "I just don't have time today", I thought. And without even knowing, I ended up not meditating weeks.

But then I realised that if I didn't have time to meditate, maybe I was one of the people that needed it the most...

Because when I stopped meditating I went back to the old me. The girl who gets angry a little too quickly, who overthinks a bit too much, who get stressed out easily, and who just feels meh a lot of the time.

So to start off 2017 right, I decided to enroll in a meditation course, Mindspo. It's a 4-week course that teaches you how to meditate and everything you need to know about that mind trick. My goal was to make meditation a daily habit and just feel happier and better in general. To be more in the present moment, have more energy and enjoy this great life without overthinking.

Week 1

Every week, we had access to new videos explaining everything we needed to know about meditation (tips to help you make it a habit, what the benefits of meditation are, how it can help with stress,  anxiety etc which were so interesting!) as well as a guided meditation. 

In week 1, we started with a simple 5-minute meditation. I already tried something similar before, and meditating 5 minutes every day were quite easy for me as I used to meditate for 10 minutes from time to time - but it was actually perfect to get started and really get into the first week of the course.

Week 2

In week 2, that's when our meditation teacher Rochelle Fox introduced the Mindspo method that we were going to use for the rest of the course. I had not heard about this technique before so I was really excited to try it - and to be honest, now I actually prefer this one to the one I previously used (which was basically a breath counting method).

That week we had to meditate for 10 minutes every day and the new technique made it easier for me to concentrate and meditate. Also, one thing that Rochelle would always say that stuck with me was "you can't control the world, but you can control how you react it." So powerful. It made me even more motivated to learn meditation.

I had so many exams those first two weeks and I really felt that meditating every day helped me to stay focused and positive during that stressful time. I'd usually be tired, stressed-out and irritable during exam week but I noticed that I was way relaxed (yay!)

Week 3

That's when things started to get challenging, in week 3 we had to meditate for 15 minutes. I had never meditated for more than 10 minutes because I always thought I'd get bored and I wouldn't be able to stay focused for that amount of time.

How wrong I was! I'm not going to lie, on the first couple of days I struggled. But because we started slow (with a 5-minute meditation for a week, then 10 minutes for another week), after a few days I got used to 15 minutes and it just felt easy and natural.

Week 4

In week 4, the last week of the course, that's when I started feeling the benefits of meditating every single day. I noticed that in certain situations where I would have reacted negatively before, I reacted more positively. And when I say positively, I mean being like "okay" instead of responding quite angrily, and even smiling, giving full attention to the other person... Because getting angry or stressed-out isn't the answer.

Oh and another thing. Before starting the course I wasn't meditating very often and because of this, every time I tried to meditate my mind would go crazy and I didn't know how to get rid of those thoughts. The thing is, the more you meditate, the easier it gets and the better you feel because you can finally feel the whole benefits.

Final thoughts

Now, thanks to meditation, I say yes to more exciting things. I don't overthink that much. I don't get angry that easily. I can manage my stress. I feel less like shit. I can calm my thoughts and control my emotions. I'm happier. I'm more positive. And it feels good.

I really wanted to share this mind hack with you as it's very close to my heart. Meditation helps me with so many things and I truly believe this can help others too. 

So if you want to make meditation a habit, and if you want to feel all the benefits meditation have to offer, I'd truly recommend enrolling in the Mindspo courseI learned so much during those 4 weeks and I honestly couldn't speak more highly of the course.

2020 update: The Mindspo team has created some new additions to the course, with many more videos and guided meditations, e-books and even a 66-day meditation challenge! The content quality is insane and I would still 100% recommend the course today.

Have you ever tried meditation? Is meditation part of your daily routine too?