It's slowly starting to feel like summer again here on the French Riviera, which means it's getting warmer and I can finally go explore and take a walk along the beach. It still rains sometimes but most days are warm and sunny and we're slowly ditching our big winter coats. And nothing makes me happier!

The other day, the weather was so nice that I decided to explore a part of the Giens peninsula, near the city of Hyères. The Giens peninsula is really long so if you're wondering where the pictures were taken, it was in the North-West of Giens, in the Calanque du Four à Chaux area. You can also explore the East area of the peninsula, I have yet to see it but I'm sure it's gorgeous too.

Wanna hike?

If you go there you will first arrive and see a beach area. Face the sea and you will notice some stairs on your left. It's the way to get to the top for the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea! It's about an hour hike to get there, but it will probably take you more than an hour because trust me, you're going to want to stop every 5 minutes to take pictures.

The sea was absolutely beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice. During the hike, I stumbled upon so many creeks, beaches, and pine forests (especially on my way down) which made it so enjoyable. I went there in February on a weekend and there were many people and tourists already; so if you go during summer, expect to see lots of people. I'd recommend going in May or June, or even September. There might be lots of people exploring the area during that time too but at least it will be less crowed than July and August and the weather will still be amazing.

And when you finally make it to the top... You realise that the hike was definitely worth the view.

Have you ever visited the French Riviera?