Oxford. Probably one of my new favourite cities in England, after London and Brighton (read my Brighton guide here!) I went to Oxford with my best friend for a day back in May and since then I've been dying to go back. That's the effect this city has on you after you've visited it.

It is so charming and very different from what I've seen so far in England. The architecture is absolutely stunning and walking around made me feel like I had gone back a few centuries in time. Like I was in another world.

Oxford is quite small actually, and to be honest I expected it to be much bigger than that - but that makes it even more charming and I believe it's the perfect day trip from London. You will probably see everything the city has to offer in a day, and the best thing is that you won't even need a car to explore around as it is small enough to cover on foot.

Getting there

Oxford is easily accessible from all the major cities in England. From London, you can hop on a train from Paddington or Marylebone and if you plan your trip in advance, tickets can be really cheap. I always use Trainline to book train tickets.

Regarding Oxford itself, the city only has one train station situated not so far from the city centre. You'll just have to walk for around 10 minutes before getting to the main sights, shops, and restaurants.

What to do in Oxford

I went to Oxford without knowing what to expect and without even researching what to do in the city. Let me tell you, there's a good thing and a bad thing about not researching a place beforehand.

The good thing is, you have no expectations, this is the first time you're seeing this city and you get so excited by every little thing, its overall beauty and everything it has to offer.

The bad thing is, sometimes you end up losing time and missing out on cool stuff...

One thing I knew about Oxford was, of course, its university. But ignorant Flora thought there was only one massive Oxford university in the city that was easy to find and visit.

Turns out, the University of Oxford is NOT located in one place!

I learned that the hard way when we tried using Google Maps for almost an hour - but it led us to a creepy back alley somewhere in the city with no sign of a university around. Why? The University of Oxford is made up of different buildings situated all around the city. Not just one building. Aaaahhhh how I wish I had known that sooner, I would have planned my trip better. So I didn't even get to visit a university building in the end. Oh and note as well that some of the buildings are closed on Sundays (to top it all, you've guessed it, I went there on a Sunday...)

So if you really want to see something in particular on your next trip, whether you're going to Oxford or not, do some research so you don't miss out on it!

If you are wondering where to eat in Oxford, well the good news is there are so many restaurants and bars in the centre that I'm sure you'll find something suitable for you! Everything looked delicious that it took my friend and I at least 30 minutes to decide on a restaurant. We literally read every restaurant's menu and it was so. hard. to. choose.

I don't have a lot of recommendations for you guys because I only had one meal in the city, but as my friend and I were craving burgers and we also wanted something quick and cheap, we opted for Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Apparently that's a chain here in the UK but we had never heard of it before and it was amazing. My friend says it's the best burger she's ever had haha!

Oxford is a city full of history and architecture. Christ Church Cathedral is one of the many, many examples of beautiful history and impressive architecture you will find there. I was so amazed by what was in front of my eyes. I believe you can go inside the Cathedral and visit it for a cheap price, but you can also just walk around and admire the gorgeous church, gardens and little houses.

The University Church of St Mary the Virgin was the highlight of my trip. It's free to visit, but if you want to climb the tower for an amazing view of the city, tickets will cost £4 (to purchase from the gift shop when you enter). You might have to wait in line for a little while before being allowed to climb the tower, if I remember well we waited for 15 to 20 minutes. The stairs are really small, and once you make it to the top it is really tight and narrow and you'll have to squeeze past others, but the view is so worth it.

We basically just walked around all day, and every few minutes we would find yet another beautiful place, a stunning building, a cute street or alley. Oxford is definitely full of surprises. You don't need any map nor guide - so walk around, and see where the beauty of this city takes you! 

Cutest sign award goes to...

And that was my quick guide to Oxford! I hope you guys found it useful. In the meantime, you'll find me planning my next day trip there because I can't believe I've missed out on visiting the buildings of the University of Oxford. And that makes a great excuse to go back, right?

Have you ever been to Oxford?