Can you believe I have lived in Birmingham for almost a year (ten months to be exact) and this is the first ever post I'm writing about the city? Whaaat! I don't know what took me so long but better late than never. So in ten months, I've had quite some time to wander around the city and discover cute & cosy places that serve delicious food.

So here's a quick roundup of the best restaurants and coffee shops just for you, my favourites in Birmingham!


If you want to have a healthy meal for lunch, head over to Kanteen in the Custard Factory! Kanteen is my go-to for lunch. The menu changes every day and you get to choose between two options: Meat or Vegan. I always go for the vegan option and it never disappoints, the food is absolutely de-li-cious. Last time I went, they were serving sweet potatoes (I don't like sweet potatoes) and well... I loved it. And I wanted more. The place is also really cosy and it makes me want to stay there and chat for hours with my friends.

Natural Healthy Foods

I went to Natural Healthy Foods on a lovely Saturday morning. It's a plant-based restaurant with a small supermarket on the side where you can buy all your favourite vegan products. We decided to build our own brunch for our meal and picked our favourite things from the various options available. I was really impressed by the aubergine "bacon" and the scrambled tofu (it was definitely my favourite) SO good!


If you fancy a pizza for dinner, Otto is the place to go! The staff is lovely and the pizzas amazing (SO amazing that we couldn't wait to eat them and had to have one bite before taking a picture as you can see above.)

Saint Kitchen

How cute are those pancakes though? And they tasted even better than they looked. Saint Kitchen is the place to go for breakfast and brunch if you find yourself in the Jewellery Quarter area.

200 degrees

It's the first coffee shop I went to when I moved to Birmingham. Oh the memories! The interior is absolutely gorgeous. I'm more of a tea kinda girl, but I've heard the coffee is amazing at 200 degrees. Warning, it usually gets really busy there during the day.

Have you ever been to Birmingham? What are your favourite places for brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee dates?