You know this place you've always dreamed of visiting? This place that has been on your mind ever since you can remember. You always check how much a flight would cost to go there but you never actually book it. You regularly search for the geotag on Instagram to see everyone else's pictures. You read all the travel guides and info about the city even though you haven't planned a trip there yet. But you just know you would love it there and you know you will go there one day.

Sounds familiar?

Well for me, it's always been the US. This mysterious far away land across the ocean; the land of opportunities, where anyone if given the opportunity can achieve anything... I don't know why I've always been so fascinated & attracted to this country, to the idea of visiting and even living there. I grew up watching Gossip Girl (my favourite TV show ever) which was set in New York City, and to this day I still blame this show for my obsession with the American city life.

Dreaming of the USA...

When I left England and moved back to France early March, I wanted to take some time for myself and figure out my next steps, so I knew this would be the perfect time to cross a new place off my travel bucket list...

I sat down and opened up Skyscanner. I didn't need to think twice. It was going to be the US. But where? New York, Chicago, New Orleans... too many amazing cities, too many choices. But after spending a year in England, I was craving for some warmth and sunshine (sorry England I love you but not your crappy weather.)

And Los Angeles sounded just right.

2 hours later my ticket was booked. Just like that. Sometimes it's nice to do something spontaneous when you know it's going to be good for your soul (and when you've been saving for it all your life in case it ever happens.) Well, America here I come!

What is the place you've always dreamed of visiting?