I call Sunday my me-day. My self-care day. It took me quite a long time to realise that but, as an introvert, I need to allow myself time to recharge my batteries and it's  now a non-negotiable. Therefore every Sunday I like to do things that make me happy, things that make me feel relaxed, things that get me prepared for the week that's coming, things I don't particularly have time to do on other days. And it's not being selfish, it's called taking care of yourself!

Oh and I say Sunday here because I chose that day as it's the one that fits best my lifestyle. But for you it could be Monday or any other day of the week; the most important thing is that you take a few moments out of the week to recharge, relax and do the things you enjoy doing so that you can feel your best!

So here are 9 things that I do every Sunday to recharge and get me ready for the week ahead. Feel free to take a thing or two if they inspire you!

No alarm on Sundays

I don't set up an alarm and I let myself wake up naturally. I'm an early bird so I usually wake up between 7 and 9:30am anyway, depending on what my body needs. If I had a really long and difficult week, my body will need more rest and I will wake up later. And that's totally okay! If you have to get to school or work early in the morning during the week, it's important to get those couple of extra hours of sleep on Sunday so you feel truly rested and refreshed.

Eat a nice breakfast

We're usually in a rush to get to work or school in the morning and it's really hard to take the time to sit down and eat breakfast. But on Sunday, no excuses! I like to treat myself and make pancakes, buy some croissants & pains au chocolat or make a smoothie bowl. Best way to start the day.

Meal prep

When I moved to England and lived by myself, I discovered a love for cooking I didn't know was in me and I've been loving trying out new recipes.

On Sundays, I meal prep my lunches for the week ahead because in the evenings during the week I don't like to cook dinner AND my lunch for the next day at the same time, it's too much of a hassle!

For my lunches, I love to cook different types of salads. I'll start with quinoa, rice, pasta or lentils depending on my mood and while it's boiling I prep the veggies: usually some tomatoes, red pepper, cucumbers, carrots, onions, mushrooms, avocado, sometimes even a courgette or tofu. Anything I fancy and have on hand! Then I'll add the veggies to the quinoa/rice/pasta/lentils once it's done cooking, I'll add a bit of salt, pepper and lemon juice or olive oil (or pesto if I'm making a pasta salad) and voilĂ ! It saves me so much time and effort during the week.

Take time to relax

On Sunday, I always take a couple of hours (or more) just to do... nothing. Nothing at all. And relax. I sit on my bed or couch and watch a bit of Netflix, write & answer questions in my 3-year journal, catch up on YouTube videos, find new music on Spotify and add them to playlists, FaceTime friends and family that live away, take a walk outside, go to the beach or buy some more veggies for the week if needed, read a book, write a blog post if I feel inspired. We all need a break from our hectic life - a slow day where we don't think about anything, relax and unwind.

Tidy up

On Sunday I like to thoroughly clean my place. There's just something about a clean environment that lifts up my spirits! And it doesn't have to take the whole day. I actually have a little trick for this: every day I take 5 minutes in the morning to tidy up and clean my room. It's life changing, set a timer and try it. Time will fly by and you won't believe how much you can get done in 5 minutes. So when Sunday comes, it doesn't take me forever to tidy, clean and hoover my place.

I also get the laundry done, iron my clothes and organise my closet. There's nothing better than waking up on a Monday morning with a clean room and clothes and so many outfit options to choose from!

Plan for the week ahead

I love taking the time to see and plan what I'm going to be up to the following week so that I know exactly how to manage my time. I open my iCalendar, see what I already have planned: work, university, appointments, dates with friends and family, yoga classes... I add what's missing, and then plan my meals and workouts around it.

If you like things to be organised AND look pretty, then you will love the Taskade app as much as I do. I use this app to plan my workouts but also  to list the food I need to buy at the grocery store, the goals I want to achieve, the things I need to do before a trip... everything really!

Evening yoga

After a long week, I really feel the need to stretch my body, so Sunday calls for gentle yoga sessions. I love Boho Beautiful YouTube channel for 15/20-minute yoga videos (she creates some of the best workouts on YouTube, including yoga and pilates videos). But sometimes I don't feel like following instructions so I'll play some music like Amanda Bisk's yoga playlist on Spotify or my own for example and move at my own pace.

Sunday skincare & haircare routine

I end the day by taking a long shower and doing my Sunday skincare & haircare routine. I apply a mask to my hair, cleanse my face, exfoliate it, apply a clay mask and leave it on for 10 minutes to draw out all the impurities from the week and remove the excess sebum. If I apply the clay mask more than once a week it will be too much for my skin, so I chose Sunday evening as I know I'm most likely to be at home having a relaxing day - the perfect time to take care of my skin.

Go to bed early

I go to bed quite early every night anyway, but I believe it is so important to go to bed early especially on a Sunday evening. You need to get a good night's sleep before the new week! I always try to be in bed by 10pm; I usually feel very relaxed (and a bit sleepy) after a yummy dinner, my gentle evening yoga session and my shower & skincare routine, so I fall asleep pretty easily.

What do you do on Sunday that makes you happy and makes the following week so much easier?