My life has changed.

This sounds a bit dramatic, but I have been doing some thinking lately. You know, the let's reflect on this past year as we approach a new one kinda thinking. And comparing now to this time last year, it's crazy to see how much my life has changed.

Let's rewind a little bit. This time last year I was living in England, sharing a house with its owner and family in a small town near Birmingham, working at a PR & Marketing agency, hating the British weather, missing my family and friends back home so dearly... and feeling a tad lost and overwhelmed if I'm being totally honest. 

Fast forward to now and I'm in France, have been living in Bordeaux (which is one of my favourite cities EVER) for the past 4 months alone in the cutest studio apartment, studying a Master's degree at a university in the city (yep, I went back to school), hanging out with a new group of friends aka a bunch of loving, positive and supportive ladies that I'm so thankful for, and feeling super inspired and the happiest I've ever been.

And I'm over here like, how did all this happen?

If someone had told me a year ago that my life would have taken a whole 360 turn, I wouldn't have believed them.

Obviously a lot of stuff - good and bad - have happened in between that have contributed to where I am today, like adjusting back to life in France after leaving the UK (a very difficult process), taking a spontaneous trip to Los Angeles for some needed healing time, trying to figure my life out and finding myself again, applying to universities (and getting rejected to one of my top choices while I was on holiday in Corsica) or working my ass off at a summer job to save for my big move...

I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason. Everything that has happened this past year have shaped me, or more like changed me, and made me a better person. If I had not gone back to France, I wouldn't have decided to further my education. If I had not been rejected to my other university choice, I probably wouldn't have moved to Bordeaux, which had been a dream of mine since I can't remember. I wouldn't be experiencing living on my own and I wouldn't have met my amazing new friends here and so on. 

But that's not it - there have been a lot of internal changes as well. Some behind-the-scenes changes if you will.

My priorities have changed. 

Travel isn't one of my priorities nor my "only" passion anymore. Of course I still have an endless list of places I want to travel to and it's not going to get shorter anytime soon. But after all the trips, living abroad for a year, and finally ticking off the USA from the top of my bucket list, I realised where my happy place was (aka somewhere in Southern France, near my family and close friends) and I needed to focus on that for a little while to recenter my soul.

And so I have been finding myself prioritising happiness, positivity and health. I promised myself to do everything in my power to be the happiest and healthiest I could be... by being a more positive person, surrounding myself with people who inspire me to be and do better, saying yes only when it makes me excited, nourishing my body with foods that make me feel good, finding a routine that works for me, and 100% embracing who I am. 

My personal and professional goals have changed too. I'm so, so grateful for the lessons learned and the opportunies I've had, but I've done things this past year that in my heart I didn't truly want to do... only because I didn't want to disappoint others. And that's not the way anyone wants to live their life, right? Therefore change of plan! I'm only doing things that make me happy and that get me closer to my goals from now on.

It's the little things but I can tell I'm on the right path already - I'm feeling way happier and more confident. No more living life on auto-pilot. Things really can change for the better.

2018, it's almost time to say goodbye. I'm looking back... but always moving forward.

Your turn, it's time to reflect! How have you changed this year?