I LOVE podcasts. It's such a great way to learn new things in a short amount of time. As someone who works in brand management & digital marketing and who previously worked with incredible companies in the fashion & sportswear industry (and who is obsessed with activewear in her personal life as well! ðŸĪŠ), I personally looove learning about the behind the scenes of how a brand was built  so I decided to curate a special round-up of my favourite podcast episodes where founders chat about creating their business and making their mark in the activewear space.

Even if you're not looking to start a business or an activewear brand, I think we can always learn a thing or two from successful people and their perspective on business and life. Some of these episodes date back as far as 2017 but I believe they are super insightful and still relevant today! I learned so much from these super smart discussions so hopefully you will too.

Here are 6 inspirational podcast episodes where founders of activewear brands talk about the fashion industry and how they built their business:

#1 Pip Edwards on co-founding P.E Nation // Offline podcast 

Of course the first podcast episode I'm going to recommend is about P.E Nation, my favourite activewear brand! I couldn't write this post without including an episode with Pip Edwards. She's the ultimate girl boss and a true inspiration in the industry. Pip Edwards is a commerce/law graduate & fashion designer and co-founded P.E Nation in 2016, an Australian sportswear brand designed to perform all day every day. Her career in fashion is really impressive  in this podcast she explains everything about her professional experiences before launching P.E Nation  and I loved listening to her talk because she gets very real and vunerable, and I found everything she said here really inspirational.

🎧  Listen to episode here.

#2 Lindsey Carter of Set Active // I Love You So Much podcast

Lindsey Carter, founder of activewear brand Set Active, shares so much insight in this podcast episode. She chats about how to start an activewear line (she shares the exact moment she came up with the idea and even how she did it without knowing anything about design!) as well as how to find funding and suppliers. She also talks about a specific moment when the production of new leggings arrived... but not as she expected. And she still found an amazing way to solve the problem and turned the whole situation around. Worth a listen!

🎧  Listen to episode here.

#3 Katia Santilli & Vera Yan of Nimble Activewear // Lady Startup podcast

Founders Katia Santilly and Vera Yan launched Nimble Activewear because they wanted to design clothes that were fonctional but also fashionable. In this episode they go into details about how they built their bran  and it was really interesting hearing them explain how Katia worked for Nimble Activewear full-time when it launched, while Vera kept her job to help fund the business.

🎧  Listen to episode here.

#4 Denise Lee, Founder of Alala // The Fit Fatale podcast

Alala founder Denise Lee has more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, especially in the marketing, business and brand development side of things. She launched her activewear brand in 2014 and talks in this podcast about how hard it is to come up with a name for your business, how her previous experiences in the industry helped her feel confident and ready to launch her brand and how she turned it into a successful female-run business today.

🎧  Listen to episode here.

#5 Grow your fashion brand with LNDR founders Sarah Donnelly & Donna Harris // Fashion Originators podcast 

Sarah Donnelly and Donna Harris, 2 of the 3 founders of LNDR, chat about how they grew and sustained the growth of their global activewear brand, and answer the difficult questions that comes with growing a fashion brand: when do you know it's the right time to grow or add a new product or a new retailer? Super interesting episode.

🎧  Listen to episode here.

#6 Lorna Jane Clarkson, Founder of Lorna Jane Activewear // Him & Her podcast

Activewear brand Lorna Jane was launched in 1990 (excuse me what?!) and is one of the biggest activewear brands in the world today with more than 200 stores worldwide. In this podcast, fitness instructor Lorna Jane Clarkson discusses how the women in her classes pushed her to create the brand many years ago and how she had no idea it would turn into the global empire that it is today. She also speaks about a challenging time (I don't want to spoil anything!) and she explains how she overcame it and it's really inspiring.

🎧  Listen to episode here.

Let me know what you thought of these podcast episodes and I hope they inspired you as much as they inspired me! If you've listened to another interesting podcast on the topic, feel free to comment and share it with everyone below