This breakfast is so simple yet I wake up every single day so excited to eat it and I get sad when I finish it... That's how much I love it!

It's super easy to make. If you want to try it yourself you'll only need:
  • Yogurt  any type you want. I personally love the brand Alpro as a plant-based alternative to regular yogurt.
  • Granola or muesli  I usually get the French organic muesli brand Favrichon, especially the chocolate raspberry one. So delicious!
  • And some fruit  I usually slice a banana as you can see on the pictures, or clementines when in season.

And that's it. Muesli + fruit + yogurt. Told you it was super simple! On the weekends when I have more time I make some freshly-squeezed orange juice with it as well and it's my favourite thing ever. I've always been a sweet breakfast kinda person, I can't eat anything savory in the morning so this easy muesli bowl recipe has been the perfect breakfast to satisfy my sweet cravings and it's so quick to make that it's perfect for when I'm in a rush before going to work. 

Breakfast is now my favourite meal of the day! I can't wait for tomorrow morning so I can eat this 😋

What do you eat for breakfast? Are you more of a sweet or savory type of person?